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Buy gorillas and place them strategically on top of buildings. As enemy gorillas try to invade, throw bananas to knock them off and protect your banana stash. As you progress through the game, you'll be able to spend points to buy more (and bigger) gorillas, and your enemies will get faster and more numerous. Every play features a random, procedurally generated level, so no two plays are exactly the same!

* Protect your bananas! If enemy gorillas reach your bananas, you'll lose.

* When you have enough points, tap and hold to buy a gorilla and place it on top of one of the buildings in the background.

* Touch a gorilla and swipe to your target to start throwing bananas.

* Throw bananas into the stash in the center to earn extra points and buy more gorillas faster. You have a choice: should your gorillas focus on stronger defenses, or try to earn points faster to buy more gorillas?

Based on the classic MS-DOS game "Gorillas."


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